Monday, September 20, 2010

Interview of Naga Chaitanya

Hi, Chaitanya, How are you ?

.  I am vey Happy.

  How are you enjoying your first success?

  I am feeling very happy and I am vey thankful for all the audience ofsupporting and encouraging me and making my movie a success. It isgreat that the audience have enjoyed a new variety of movie and made ita great success which has given me more energy and activeness. In thebeginning we thought that this movie will only have some youth audiencein ‘A’ centre theaters but all age audience are seeing this movie inall centers and who all have seen this movie are memorizing their oldendays makes us feel happy.

  How are your feeling working with great technicians like A R Rahman Gowtham Menon for your second movie?

   In the beginning I felt little tensed but after going on to sets Ifelt relaxed and all my tension was gone because everyone were veryfriendly and working with Gowtham was very comfortable. Working withOscar Winner A R Rahman a great musician for the second movie very fewwill get such an opportunity and I am very lucky to get thisopportunity and I am very happy for this.

   For whom does the credit for the success of ‘Yeme Maya Chesasu’ go ?

   All the success of this movie goes to the director Gowtham Menon.Before the release of “Josh” Manjula madam has asked us to do thisproject. I have to thank Manjula and Sanjay Swaroop for giving me thisoffer with much confidence and belief on me.

  This is a sensitive love story which be simple for listening and for picturerizing. How did you judge the story?

  I and dad both of us sat and heard the story. Line is very simple.While listing to the story I imagined it visually and felt the feelingof it. At the time of shooting Gowtham has taken utter care and checkedvery carefully without missing any scene or dialogue.

   Did you receive any comments on this movie?

No, I did not receive any such as if now, but either inthe industry or outside including my friends everyone will likecommercial formula movies more. Many of them in the beginning asked me“What…. You doing this movie…..” but again they went and saw the moviewhen the talk was coming good and they said me that it is going to be asuper hit movie. Like the music of this movie the movie is also beinglike by everyone like a slow poison.

   At the time of ‘Yeme Maya Chesavu’ all felt tensed whether this moviewill be like by the fans of Akkineni or not, but with them even theother audience also liked it. So what kind of joy did you feel?

  (With a smile) They were a bit angry on me with the result of ‘Josh’and now they forgot all that anger with this movie. I did not createany thoughts in their minds I did this movie with an open mind and Iand daddy requested everyone to see this movie. So they felt happy.

    What was the energy that you have gained with the success of this movie ‘Yeme Maya Chesavu’?

  I have gained confidence with this movie success. Apart from themovies with six songs and six fights audience started liking movieslike this. Feel good by gaining the love and affection of the audiencewith a Love story.

    At present what type of movies are you planning to do?
    At present I am doing a project on the Banners of Kamakshi Movieswhich has action, emotions, entertainment and it is mixture of allaspects.

   What are your next Projects?

    I am working of Kamakshi Kala Movies Banner, on Geetha Arts BannerI have a project, I have heard the story of director Sukumar which allI liked and they will be officially announced soon.


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